Wildlutscher Magic Boilies Nr. 2 with Jerusalem artichoke and rowan berries

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Wildlutscher Magic Boilies No. 2 with Jerusalem artichoke / rowan berries taste and smell a lot effective feeting product for hoofed game (red, roe deer, fallow, sika deer) and wild boar

Wildlutscher Magic Boilies have an extremely intense smell, release aromas and attractants and lure over long distances. Long-lasting fragrance provides a magnetizing effect. The game is lured and bound over long distances. This product is a successful mix of many field tests. This product, with its extreme scent, can also be used during fattening periods (acorns, beech crops) where feeting with other lure products not works.

More than 100 videos were shot during testing to document and find out the optimal effect.


  • irresistible attraction
  • lures over long distances
  • only small amounts are required
  • Due to the extreme scent, the boilies can also be mixed into other bait material.
  • hardly visible in nature. Almost invisible feeting possible

weight: 3 kg / Bag with ziplock system | resealable

Composition: Corn soaked in glucose syrup with sugar, salt and carrion flavor/scent

Application: Spreading on the ground (or use in feeders) or mixing in other feed. Only small amounts are required. We recommend two handfuls. As a result, the feeding is almost invisible.

Analytical components: crude protein 7.5%, oils and fats 3.11%, crude fiber 0.73%, crude ash 1.12%, calcium 0.0031%, phosphorus 0.24%, sodium 0.012%, magnesium 0.094%, potassium 0.26% Type of feed: Complementary feed Utilization: application as a means of feeding When using bait and bait, the hunting regulations of the respective countries or the respective federal states must be observed.

Manufacturer: JSC Eko Logiskas, Zalgirio Str. 5, LT-89365 Skuodiskes, Reg-NR r LT KPG 283308; r LT KPG 283307

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