Wildluscher attractants are successful mixtures that have been developed by passionate hunters in long-term practical tests. (sometimes over 1000 practice tests!)

  • Sweet Exclusive attractant for wild boar or for red deer | Especially for mixing in Kirrgut. Recommended mixing ratio: 50 grams to 10 kg of food. Also possible as a single use.
  • Liquid bait / bait spray | For mixing in Kirrgut (50ml to 10 kg Kirrgut and for single use (spraying on trees, bushes, Stuggen etc.).
  • Last Dinner product line: corn or peas with mixed in fragrance
  • tree wonder pine tar | for sows and deer
  • Wallow powder | for boars and red deers. Long-lasting and intense fragrance ensures a magnetizing effect. The game is lured and tied over long distances.
  • Wildlutscher attractant Booster

Bait lures