Advantages of the horse licks products: (100% natural ingredients !!)

1. Lick stones are a healthy feed supplement. When licking natural food supplements, the horse excretes alkaline saliva. They neutralize stomach acids and thus protect the stomach.

2. The salt licks contain only natural vitamins and minerals. They do not contain chemical preservatives, flavors, or impurities.

3. All licks are made from high quality feed.

4. The organic calcium in the seeds is better absorbed by the body.

5. Our salt licks have an extremely hard consistency. Small ingredients do not get caught between the horse's teeth and provide additional protection for the teeth.

6. Small leak particles that enter the stomach with saliva are easily absorbed by the body.

7. Especially when feeding coarse forage, it is advisable to give the licks as an additive, as the licking stimulates the production of saliva and at the same time the work of the stomach and improves the digestive process.

8. Horse Lollipop Licks, are a great way to keep horses busy and calming down. When licking, horses stay calm when visiting the vet, combing, washing, etc.

9. Licking = toys. When licking and playing, the horse / pony enjoys double the pleasure. This improves his emotional state.

10. Especially as encouragement before or after competitions, or simply as a small reward.

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