Thermal imaging technology: practical report

Any active, passionate hunter will be fascinated by thermal imaging technology. You will have a full perspective in the area.

With the thermal image you can see large parts of your wild population and all small animals up to mice.

I myself have been a passionate hunter for over 30 years with the corresponding hunting experience.

With the thermal imaging camera I was able to experience many new details and insights. Be it changing sows or red deer. Its caution before they got out of the dense stand, or had got wind and usually went away again unseen.

Wind currents that cannot be planned, especially in forest areas that have nothing to do with the current main wind direction, can also be determined in this way.

Some of the advantages:

-Wild is found immediately and can already be addressed. A huge advantage, e.g. when hunting sows or predatory game.

- By speaking exactly, e.g. young game (freshlings in the grass, or thicket) will be recognized immediately. Missed kills are avoided.

- Careful observation of the behavior after the shot.

- Helps you find out

- Optimal help for game observation, counting, stock assessment

In our opinion, thermal imaging technology is now part of the hunting standard, regardless of whether it is viewing or stalking. I wouldn't want to be without mine voluntarily.

Night vision technology versus thermal imaging technology:

There are advantages and disadvantages to night vision techniques.

Night vision device and thermal imaging device complement each other. I recommend using both!

Which device is the right one for which hunter depends on the respective purpose. The same goes for the different versions, handheld devices, attachments, etc.

We are happy to advise you and can also demonstrate devices to you.