The new miracle weapon: wildlutscher Booster (2 types)

Attractant for all game species: wild boar, hoofed game, predatory game, small game and African wild game! / Bees pheromones with herbs or with apple concentrate.

Extremely intense fragrance, ensures an irresistible attraction.

Special feature: the own smell is weathered by the booster products.

This also makes secret game visible, for example old boars or cautious red deer. Use:

  • for spraying on tree trunks, shrubs, bushes etc.
  • for spraying on feed
  • for mixing in feed
  • economical in consumption (spray head / atomizer)

Tip: Also try Wildlutscher Booster number 3: nuts with attractant!

These are hurled in several directions by the hide equipment. Either with a slingshot or a blowpipe.

As a result, the intrinsic smell is weathered and is also extremely attractive.

This is not a joke, it works sensationally!