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Effective lure products for your hunting success!

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New in the range: Grain corn with mixed with carrion, fish, mushroom or sweet corn taste.

Category: Grains Corn

lure pine resin (tar) (from pine resin, contains ingredients with disinfectant properties, intense smell over a long distance). The effect is incredible, you will see sows that you have never seen before. 5, 1 or 0.5 liters

Wallow Powder:

acts like a magnet for boars and red deer

1, 2,5 or 3 kg packages

The lure sensationTested in practice / hunting success is controllable.

At the same time, you supply your game with important minerals and salt.Manufactured and tested with only natural ingredients.

4 special lickstones (salt, sweet, roasted corn, roasted peas) with corn or peas each 3kg

11 lickstones (7x sweet: buckthorn berry, honey, corn, apple, dried apple, wheat, sunflower / 4x salty: corn, anise, wheat and sunflower) all with ground corn or wheat, each 1.8 kg

All lickstones with a long service life and exclusively with natural ingredients.

4 bait spray variants (carrion, herring or mushroom smell) each 250ml or 50ml or 1 Ltr

2 Sweet Exclusive 1.3 or 0.7 kg for boars or roe deer

3x Attractant Last dinner: corn or peas 7kg with strong fish taste and Smell + 0.1 liters of fish smell in a separate bottle.

4x Last Dinner corn with carrion, hering, mushroom or sweat corn sirup (10kg, 15kg, 30kg)