Effective bait products for your hunting success!

With our products you will find attract and lure for daily use in the hunting area. All products are tested and developed in practice. For boars, deers, red deers, roe deer, predatory and all other wild game species, we have effective attractants.

Hunting-tested solutions for thermal imaging, night vision technology, wildlife cameras and automatic feeders complete our range.

New: Magic Boilies | Invisible Feeding possibilities | 2 types: Boilies Nr.1 carrion taste for boars and predators

Boilies Nr.2 jerusalem artichoke and rowanberr for all kind of deers, muflons and boars

New: our new wonder weapon: attractant Wildlutscher Booster (2 types) + Booster no.3 = nuts with attractant. Area of application: for all game / weathered with its own smell / great also for trapping / descriptions and product variants can be found under attractant / booster /

weathers human scent

Most effective attract and bait products:

Tested in practice | Hunting success is controllable | At the same time you provide your game with important minerals and salts | Manufactured and tested using only natural ingredients.

  • long service life (special licks approx. 6 to 10 weeks!)
  • long lasting strong smell and taste
  • for all game species
  • Constant contact point for game in the area
  • Quiet in the hunting area
  • Control and distraction (e.g. from agricultural areas, or new plantings, etc.)

Lickstones / Licks

Salt-, sweet, roasted corn and roastet peas

6x sweet: barberry, honey, ground corn, 2 types apple, wheat 3x salty: ground corn, anise, wheat

Lures / Scent Baits

carrion, fish, mushroom or sweet corn sirup

for red deer or for boars

carrion, fish, corn sirup or pea sirup


Pine Tar and Willow Powder

Pine tar, attracts wild boar and red deer over long distances. Excellent for painting trees and feeding sites. You will be surprised how quickly the well tried pine tar attracts game with its unique attracting effect. Over long distances. You will see new boars which you never saw in the past.

A magnet for boars and red deers

Scent Baits / Liquid Bait

carrion, fish, mushroom or sweet corn sirup

grain corn or grain peas with Scent Baits

carrion, fish, corn sirup or pea sirup

Attractant Booster

Attractant with apple + bees propolis concentrate or herbs + bees propolis or lure nuts with herbs + bees propolis

tasting packages for all kind of deers, mouflon, predators and boars

Magic Boilies | Nr.1 with carrion scent for boars and predators | Nr.2 with jerusalem artichoke and rowanberry for all kinds of deers and mouflon

Mounting kits for Licks | Game Tubs | Feeding Container

Turbo corn boilies 3 kg

Turbo Scent powder 3 kg

Turbo attractant liquid 1 Lire