LIEMKE MERLIN-13 Pre-Mounted Device + 2x Wildlutscher Special Lick 3kg

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LIEMKE MERLIN-13 Pre-Mounted Device

The new MERLIN-13 is the most compact and lightweight thermal imaging front attachment on the market. It is ideal for the stalking and forest hunter.

It can be used as a hand-held thermal monocular or as an attachment for day optics when combined with the appropriate adapter ring.

The LIEMKE MERLIN-13 features a 256 x 192 ceramic VOx thermal detector with a 12µm pixel pitch and improved temperature sensitivity. This, combined with a 1,024 x 768 OLED display, results in good image sharpness and excellent imaging performance.

The 13mm objective lens is manually focusable and offers a very wide field of view of 24m at 100m and a detection range of up to 650m. When hunting, the MERLIN-13 thermal night vision pre-mounted scope provides a very good overview and a detailed image, whether used for hand-held observations or as an attachment.

The ultra-compact and minimalistic design, and weight of only 130g sets new standards among established thermal imaging pre-mounted devices. Especially when used as an attachment, the MERLIN- 13's unobtrusive size enormously increases handling while hunting.

Video and image files can be transferred and recorded via cable.

The optimized energy consumption of the MERLIN-13 dual use thermal imaging scope provides a battery life of up to 3.5 hours (CR123). The Liemke MERLIN 13 can also be operated via an external USB power source.

The robust housing ensures a simple and intuitive operation even when wearing gloves.

In accordance with strict regulations, the thermal imaging front attachment is certified according to IP66 standards to provide optimal protection against dust and heavy rain.

With its extensive technical features, and simple and intuitive operation, the MERLIN-13 thermal imaging scope attachment is a leader in its performance class.

When buying this thermal night vision device you will receive a 3-year warranty.

Bauart: Monokular

Gewicht: bis 400g

Größe: Taschenformat

Linsengröße: 13mm

Pitch: 12µm